Xbox 360 Wireless Adaptor

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Listed for $99, the Wireless N Network Adapter is scheduled for a November 3 release. If true, it would also confirm the current wireless adapter will be seeing a price drop of some kind.

However, there is no support for Xbox 360 controllers — they have their own adapter. This wireless adapter will be placement dependent, so Microsoft has bundled a USB extension cable to help.

The Xbox 360 controller had a wireless Windows model for a while, but Microsoft stopped making the adapter easily available a few years back, making it easier to buy a wired 360 controller instead.

We had to delve into the settings menu and then search for our home network, and the Xbox 360 didn’t actually find our ZyXEL wireless adaptor. We had to type in the SSID ourselves, but after that.

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What’d be even nicer: Besides an integrated version in its freshly price-adjusted $300 Xbox 360 Elite, how about a wireless 802.11n USB adapter for $40 or less? Engadget thinks it has pictures of.

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Over five years ago, I wrote a post on this very website about one enterprising Xbox.

Adapter aims to keep the XP500s totally wireless. If you wanted to use the PX5’s microphone with an Xbox.

While this may not seem like a big deal for many, it’s a step backward from the easy-to-use Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter.Choosing to not update the driver will result in some strange behavior.

But now my lounge is sans ethernet cable as the Xbox 360 wireless network adapter has put paid to that pesky cable. The black wireless network adapter, which supports the fast 802.11n wireless.