Brother Ql 500 Software

admin~January 9, 2020 /Download PC Driver

So a few weeks ago I saw the new love of my life in a Staples catalog. The Brother QL-500 (what a lovely name) is a USB label printer for about $50 with various rebates. This printer really rocks. It.

In [Dan Herlihy]’s case, hacking a cheap Brother label printer to use thermal paper meant saving $300 on a dedicated receipt printer. But it also meant beating Brother at their “Razor and Blades”.

Lucky for me, DYMO has Mac drivers and software. Yay! After a quick driver install, the new printer shows up in the Printer Browser and is now ready for use. The label making software is easy to use.

Unless you pull off this hack which lets you use any thermal paper you want with a Brother QL-500 printer. The printer is tied to the OEM paper because of a pattern printed on the back of the roll. It.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued. We have found some similar products below.

The printer’s ability to print with red ink is limited to one label type. If affordability is a top priority, the Brother QL-500 is the printer for you. This printer is low in price and high in.

Gadgets To Get You Organized In 2007 – You can get an inexpensive hand held label printer like the Casio KL-780 EZ Label Printer for as little as $27, or you can get one for your PC from Casio, Dymo, or Brother. My favorite is the Brother.

But I can no longer imagine life without my Brother QL-500 ($90) that I reviewed when it first came out.

In my house, a box of candy gets a more appreciation than a boxed set of software. Ten years.